Bassem and Jack are the founder of BNJ Studio We believe there is a story to capture in every moment – whether in an expression, an intimate look between a couple, a shared laugh among friends, or just twinkle in the eye. Some of the most memorable photographs are the ones that are most natural. These are the moments we love to capture. We have been working in the media industry for many years and our commercial photography/videography experience will meet your needs for pre-wedding, wedding ceremonies, engagement sessions, family sessions, portraits, and maternity/baby sessions. We have a variety of styles that will turn your special moments into memories you can keep for a lifetime.

I am jack. I was born and grew up in Cairo, Egypt, the city that never sleeps. I am a husband to wonderful wife, and a daddy to a beautiful daughter. What I love ? My family, my camera, traveling, and learning something new every day. I would rather Eat something salty than sweet, and take the picture than be in play playstation. Why I do what I do ? capturing life through my lens brings joy. I love to see the expression on face as that see their pictures for the first time, sometime tears, and sometime giggles all the time


I am Bassem

Photography is not just a job for me it is my passion. Since I was 15 i worked with my uncle who has a photography studio. I use to do color correction and photoshop retouch . I start to learn from him a lot of things about photgraphy because i love to take pictures  , How to take professional photos? , How to setup the lights ?, Which lenses should I use?, How to communicate with clintes ? , How to be creative in poses ? , and then i took some classes about photography In 2009 i started to think about cinematography felid , and then i took classes about it , now i work as a photography and a videography